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SHAKEN is a San Francisco band that generates music with new blends of ska, folk-rock and alt-rock (oh, and Mega wanted to add: “maybe even a little metal?”). This mix of musical styles creates a new sound that is truly a result of the individual band members’ experiences. All music is original and written by the band members collectively.

The members that now make up SHAKEN have brought together these very diverse and extensive musical backgrounds to create something new. Something the Bay Area has been waiting for in the local, live music scene, innovation, chemistry and a dynamic sound!

mini mega
“Mini” Dave Jurgens and Mega joined forces in Gothic Resonance, blending Jurgens’ diverse drum beats with Mega’s acute ear for metal guitar riffs. Mini has graced many local bands with his jamin’, kickin’ beats such as: The Wearies, Fiasco Del Mondo, Bleed, Sea of Sorrow, and Gothic Resonance. He has been banging on drums since the ADD kicked in at age 18. Still an extraordinarily enthused musician, Mini focuses his creativity while currently studying under renowned drum teacher, Chuck Brown. Also known as “the front man behind the drums”, Mini is a driving force behind the energy of the band on stage… and if Jill let him, he’d have a mic to crack a joke between each song. Thanks to Mini and his many musical friends and acquaintances, these skilled artists came together to create SHAKEN. “Mega” Dave Henderson has an incredible ability to read the “mood” of the band or what the lyricist is looking for in a song. Mega applies his in-depth music theory education and finds new sounds with chord progressions that match and draw out the concept of each song. Mega has been playing guitar for 16 years, perfecting his unmistakable guitar soloing and music writing abilities. During these productive years and while playing in several local bands, Mega has also developed a rare case of carpel tunnel in his right ankle from hitting the effects pedal a bit too often… eh, hem…


Jill Pagliaro (singer and guitarist). Jill's liquid voice, creative input and stage skills gave the band a soulful sound and powerful live presence.

Andy Smith (bassist). A practitioner of solid time and slippery grooves, Andy helped nail down the rhythm to the stage floor.

Connie Droogas (bassist). With an infectious personality and energy, she brought some mean bass lines and harmonies to Shaken.

Michael Nelson (bassist). A powerhouse with street cred, Michael brought his variety of influences, including rock, funk and ska to the Shaken scene.

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